Project Management and Design

The better the design, the products, and the installation, the higher the return-on-investment. Because Data Link understands this, we have a full-time Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) on staff. This means that we will deliver an industry standard specification that is tested and guaranteed to work.


Cabling Installation Data-Voice-Video-Fiber Optic Cable

Data Link will always install your cabling to meet or exceed industry standards. From copper to fiber optic cable, we pick the right products for your needs. We even go a step further by certifying and testing our installation with the latest technology available.


Multi-Location Rollouts

Data Link has the ability to install complete systems that are flexible and expandable for companies in multiple locations across the country. This provides for a more consistent and efficient installation, which saves money and lets your business start producing revenue faster.


Business Phone Systems

You can trust Data Link to design, install, program, and service your business telephone system including voicemail and automated attendant. Data Link will also design and install the overhead paging system that best meets your specific commercial or industrial needs.


CCTV Installation

We also provide complete closed-circuit television systems. Data Link will lay out and install video cameras, digital recorders, and monitors to give your company a complete video surveillance system.


IP Surveillance

IP technology is the next step forward for surveillance systems. IP-based streaming video surveillance lets organizations monitor, prevent and/or respond to emergency situations more effectively and affordably, via the Internet. At the same time, the technology allows law enforcement, security companies and other emergency personnel to prepare better and respond more fully to emergencies. Thus, the physical safety of a company's vital human and business assets is far more secure and protected.


Access Control

We provide installation, monitoring, and service for commercial card access control systems for restricting entrance to a property, a building, or a room to authorized persons.